our mission is combine The World's Best Entrepreneurship Resources On One Platform that anyone can use, anywhere, anytime.


Our Mission

Have you ever had a business idea, but you felt held back because you didn't really know how to execute it? Or maybe you've been at it for a while and you feel frustrated because you aren't sure of how to scale and grow your user base?

We can help you.

Skillsquare is the largest online academy for founders anywhere in the world. Our dedicated learning platform just for entrepreneurs has all the courses, live panels, discussions and specific entrepreneurial learning tracks you need to take your business to the next level.

You will gain advice from the top entrepreneurs that built the world's leading billion dollar companies and gain access to the same learning resources that they used to become successful. To do this we have partnered with the best accelerators and incubators in the world, whose content we have aggregated for the good of all. 

We are heavily committed to evening the playing field. We believe that quality content  shouldn't remain locked behind closed doors or distributed only to the privileged few. We believe that learning entrepreneurship is a fundamental human right. That is why we ask for no applications, we take no equity, we charge no thousand dollar course fees.   Our goal is to work tirelessly until everyone has equal and easily affordable access to the best entrepreneurship resources in the world.