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If you invest the majority of your, time, effort and program budget to put together amazing panels, courses and discussions for your cohort, wouldn't you want that content to be available to future cohorts too?

We thought that it was a shame that such amazingly useful content and knowledge was not being stored, shared or recorded, so it could serve as a knowledge base for the entrepreneurs who come next. We created Skillsquare to serve as the ultimate resource to support your incubator and accelerator programs. We do this by helping you pool all your best content together, distribute it on our app, then track your course engagement, so you can see in real-time how your cohort is responding to your content.


Your solution




10X your resources today. Your cohort gains access to the largest pool of shared entrepreneurship resources from neighbor incubators and accelerators. You can use this added content to support your existing program. 



Distribute your content to your cohort using our dedicated platform designed exclusively for entrepreneurs, incubators and accelerators. Students can access these anytime, anywhere, from our integrated mobile app.



Track your student engagement in real time allowing you to drastically iterate and improve your content quickly. Gain content analytics and engagement metrics to understand where your students are engaging the most.